Giving through the Workplace is a Growing Trend

Latest data reveals the number of Australian employees giving through payroll has grown by over 10 per cent with significant future growth potential.

As Australians grow in generosity overall, workplace giving is an increasingly attractive way to donate. The 2016 Koda Capital Australian Giving Snapshot provides new analysis based on the Australian Taxation Office’s 2013-2014 statistics. Between 2012/13 and 2013/14, the number of employees donating to charity through payroll rose 10.1 per cent. 156,289 Australians now participate in workplace giving.

Workplace giving remains fertile ground for growth. Despite this increase in the number of workplace givers, this number still only represents around 1.3 per cent of the Australian labour force . Over 3.1 million employees were offered Workplace giving but did not take it up.

David Knowles, Partner and Head of Philanthropy and Social Capital at Koda Capital believes that despite pleasing results, improvement prospects for participation rates for employers and employees seemingly hinge on the success of new technology platforms that promise to better connect donors and supported charities.

Here at Catalyser, we wholeheartedly agree. Technology has the power to elevate workplace giving from being an often paper-based and manual process, to an employee experience which is engaging and easy to use. Employers are focusing in on the power of innovation when it comes to their products, customer services and internal efficiency. Why shouldn’t they also embrace innovation and technology for their corporate social responsibility activities?

Read the 2016 Koda Capital Australian Giving Snapshot